The Beagle Family Reunion was held on Sunday, July 26, 2015, at the Donald and Mary Lou Beagle Farm.  This was the 27th Reunion and the 175th year of our family.   We had 71 family members in attendance.  Thanks to all who attended and volunteered for committees. 

The next Beagle Family Reunion will be helpd on Sunday, July 24, 2016.   We need you to contact other family members to help increase our turn out.  We also need recipes and short annecdotes or stories of older family members to add to a cookbook we are having published.  You can email the stories and recipes to either of the two folling addresses- webmaster at 2beagles dot com and beagle reunion at 2beagles dot com.   Due to a lack of new annecdotes and recipes we were unable to publish the cookbook. We have formed committees for the reunion, if you would like to be part of one please let me know.  Also we have a page up on facebook,  you can go there to see some of the pictures.  It's Beagle Family Reunion.  Here's the link, http://www.facebook.com/BeagleFamilyReunion?ref=hl      Check it out and friend us to keep updated.

This year we had some awesome games for everyone!  Thanks to Aaron Beagle who headed the games committee,  he arranged for us to do a bicycle joust with the appropriate targets and a primitive bow and arrow shoot.   The bows were made out of PVC pipe and fiberglass rods.  The arrows were made of a fiberglass rod and had duct tape vanes.  These were very accurate in the right hands.
Our raffle featured a wooden 175th Anniversary bench made by Roger Beagle, a Corn Hole bean bag game donated by a close family friend, Charles Hazeltine.  A big thank you to all the above for all that they did to make the reunion the great and fun time that it was!     

Please bring a covered dish, table setting, memorabilia, something for the auction, and lawn chairs. Please try and have as many from your family here for the photo.  Many of our dear loved ones have passed on and we would like to try and remember as many as possible through the photos. 

This year we hope to see many new and familiar faces ,  We are still working on the TRIVIA CONTEST, if you have ideas for questions please email them to the above address.  We will be having our usual fun games and contests, and Reunion Meeting.

Dinner starts at 12:29 as usual, with Brother Karl officiating the opening ceremony.  

If you need more information or directions you can email us at more info  and we will get back to you with the requested information or directions , map 2,  for a map of how to get there.

Come on down, have fun, and stay awhile!



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