Gold Panning Supplies 




GPP Plastic Gold Pans 10 inch pans
GPS Steel Gold Pans 12 inch
Original type gold pans, strong, durable, hold up well.
Garrett Fiber Gold Pans 14 inch pans
High quality, Built to last.
Built in side ridges to help hold your findings
GPS Steel Gold Pans 16 inch pans
High quality, durable steel pans, room for lots of washables

Currently Out of Stock


Gold Drop Use for separating gold from oily suspensions in water.
PST Suction Tweezers Use to get your gold from the bottom of the pan or to put your gold into bottles.
Magnifier Boxes Use to show off your specimens. Great for other small objects.
Currently out of stock
2 Dram Bottles Use for displaying your gold.  Can also be used for other small keepsakes that are water based
1/2 oz.  Bottles Use to display or keep your gold in.
Doe Skin Bags Multiple use bags, can be used to hold your specimen bottles or to carry other stones, amulets, or whatever you choose.




Coming soon!!!!

Other Gold panning and prospecting tools.  Keep checking back for updates to this and other pages.

We are expecting to add hammers, chisels, pry bars, magnets and various other tools.

Feel free to email ideas you may have on what we should add as well.

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