About us



We are Don & Sharon Beagle, and are the current GPAA Eastern PA State Representatives.  We are members of both Susquehanna and Bald Eagle Chapters of the GPAA.  We have been panning for gold for the last few years.  We got involved in it through a friend who thought we would be interested because we own a rock and mineral shop in the area.  He asked if we could get some supplies for panning and Presto!, here we are.  

We would like to thank the local club (Susquehanna), as well as Dean and Marie, for the support in becoming the new Reps.  WE hope to be able to fill the large shoes of Dean.  He was very instrumental in the new laws coming out regarding recreational gold panning here in Pennsylvania.  

While the new laws may not be quite what were hoped for, it is at the least, a step in the right direction.  We still have an uphill battle with some conservation groups that really don't understand what we are doing and how we do it.  My feelings on this is, these groups think we are going to go in like they did in California in the Gold Boom Years.  We are not doing the hydraulic mining that choked streams with mud and debris killing any kind of marine life that was living in the streams.  If anything we are helping keep the streams clean by removing lead, mercury (when found), trash, and any other junk clogging our streams. 

Speaking for myself, I know when I'm out hunting or fishing I take my pan along with me.  Some days the fish don't bite and rather than going back home it's nice to stay out and look for gold. Sharon and I have found more trash over the years than gold but a day in the field is always better than a day inside, for me at least.  Sharon says she feels the same way as well.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of who and what we are.  Hope to see you at the meetings or in the streams.


Don & Sharon Beagle


Don't forget:  Always ask the owner before delving into a stream.  They probably won't believe you'll find gold but they more than likely will watch and it will give you a chance to share your passion for what we do!