What is Reiki?


The Philosophy of Reiki

Many people believe that there is a life force energy, which permeates our bodies. Our bodies use this energy for maintaining itself, for healing itself from injuries or illness. When there is a shortage or blockage of this energy, our bodies become ill, possibly resulting in death. It is also believed, that there is an unlimited supply of this energy available in the universe. Usui Sensei supposedly learned how to channel this energy from the universe through his body and into people who were ill. When someone who is ill receives this energy, it can accelerate the natural healing process. There are many reports of miracle type results from this process.

Sensei Usui was able to teach others how to transfer this energy, making them Reiki practitioners. As a Reiki practitioner, one can transfer the Reiki energy into another person by laying-on of hands, even from a distance. Usui Sensei was also able to teach practitioners how to teach others, making the practitioners Reiki teachers. Once someone is a Reiki teacher he can make other Reiki teachers, thus carrying on the tradition. A teacher does this by opening up an energy channel in the practitioner, from the top of the head to the hands. This enables the Reiki energy to be channeled, from the Universe, through the top of the head and into the hands. This process is known as, an "attunement." To channel Reiki energy you must have had an attunement by a legitimate Reiki teacher. Once a person has had an attunement, they are then able to channel the energy through their hands and into other people.

In the Reiki system taught by Mrs. Takata, there are 3 stages or degrees a practitioner must go through before becoming a teacher. In the first degree a practitioner receives the initial attunement which enables them to channel Reiki energy for physical healing. In the second degree, an additional attunement is given which enables the practitioner to channel Reiki energy for emotional healing and protection, and to perform healing from a distance. In the third degree, the final attunement is given, which enables the practitioner to channel Reiki energy for spiritual healing and for opening up the Reiki channel in other persons.


What Reiki is:

Reiki is more than a manual, workbook, class, or seminar,  itís a connection with the ever flowing light energy of the universe.  For those who are willing to learn, Reiki is, in and of itself, the greatest teacher.  Much will be gained through your experience as you move through life, more than could be written or described.  As you travel on this journey into the natural flow of this healing, completing, illuminating, balancing, energizing, and revealing energy, this manual will take on a deeper and more moving meaning.


The word Reiki is derived from the Japanese words, Rei: meaning universal, (a reference to the high dimension of light and soul) and KI: meaning vital life force or essence (energy which penetrates and connects all).




1.      including or covering all or a whole, collectively or distributively without limit or exception.


2.      present or existing everywhere, under all conditions.



3.      broad or versatile.



4.      Adaptive or adjustable to meet varied requirements.




1.      the capacity for acting or being active.



2.      natural power that is vigorously  exerted.



1.      existing as a manifestation of life, concerned with or necessary to the maintenance of life.


2.      full of life or vigor


3.      characteristic of life or living



4.      fundamentally concerned with affecting life or living, tending to renew or refresh, of the utmost importance, essential to worth or well being.




Many races, cultures, and religions have been aware of the existance of such an energy which corresponds to the meaning of Ki.  Thus it is named by these cultures as:

  Chi by the Chinese

  Light or Holy Ghost by Christians

  Prana by the Hindus

  Mana by the Kahunas

  Bioplasmic energy by the Russian Researchers

  Ka by the Egyptians

  Pnuema by the Greeks

  Baraka by the Sufis

  Fluid of life by the Alchemists

  Jesod by the Jewish Cabbalists

  Wakan or Wakouda by the Sioux

  Power of the European Kings to heal by touch

  The healing power of nature of Hippocrates

  Orgon energy by Wilhelm Reich

  The fifth power

  And many others.



As we learn and find out, all are one and the same basic energy principals.  Although the extent to which they are applied and the theories concerning them may differ greatly.  The basics required for using this energy is also very different.  Some of the systems require long and drawn out exercises or privation before they may be used or drawn on.


Reiki is the force behind Yin and Yang.  It is whole and complete before separation into duality.  This is what makes Reiki unique, allowing it to be drawn upon and used at any time, place, or on any condition.  This is the basic vital force for life and living as we know it.


Reiki is:

A POWERFUL NATURAL System that unlocks the inner flow of energy within the sender and receiver


An EVOLUTIONARY Process that increases the natural flow of events and patterns in the manifestation of life


A way to SYNCHRONISE and Energize the meridians, acupuncture points, and chakras of the physical and ethereal bodies.


A NATURAL Healing system that is perfect in harmony and symphony with other healing and wholing techniques and practices.  Itís an energy support system that acts in conjunction with all other healing practices.


A SUPPORT for Medical Procedures and practices that neither conflicts nor interferes with the correct treatment.  It only assists the body with healing.


A UNIVERSAL Healing Energy for all life forms.


A CONSISTANT and Vital means of relieving  and releasing stress, tension, and hypertension.


An EFFECTIVE way of creating a high level of wellness and reducing the rising cost of health care.


A way to CONTROL Anxiety and anticipation often associated with disease, illness, and crisis.

A CONNECTION between YOU and an INFINITE supply of vital life energy.  It helps prevent you from feeling helpless and despondent, as well as contact with the UNIVERSAL PRESENCE.

Reiki is like breathing, once activated it continues on itís own and is with you always.  Itís silent, gentle and powerful.  It is a completely self-contained natural healing system that is whole in and of itself and acts synergistically with other types of healing.  It is always available and works once the activation process has been started by someone properly trained.  You need not feel heat or tingling in your hands for it to work.  It adjusts to the needs and conditions of the receiver.  It is safe to use any time, any place, or in any situations. 

Reiki is easy to learn.  It is not taught as ordinary knowledge, it is an ancient and powerful process that extends beyond time.  It is an attunement or initiation.  It should be taught in an easy and comfortable manner on how to use and access this powerful and gentle light energy.  Reiki masters precisely wire a higher level of circuitry so that you are able to activate the energy as taught to you.  It is a technique for activating, restoring, and natural energy.  Reiki is the balance and harmony found in nature.  It helps to restore, normalize, balance and align your bodies energy centers so you can live happier and healthier.  It also helps prevent disorders by maintaining a positive wellness, by aiding the healing process for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation and enlightenment.

Reiki is a powerful tool for personal development, spiritual enlightenment, a precise self-help technique for personal growth and transformation.  It is for you and everyone who is alive and desires a higher quality of life and of light.  It isÖÖ.FAST, SAFE, SIMPLE, and ELEGANT.



What Reiki is not:

Reiki is not difficult to use.  It is an easy and natural form of healing.  When you look around you will see that everyone knows to place their hands on an injured are of the body.  Reiki helps to open the conscious mind to many more types of self-healing.  Reiki is not a form of Psychic healing.  Most often psychic healing creates a feeling of energy flowing from the healer, not though the healer.  This is a major difference between psychic healing and Reiki.  It is not a dogma, doctrine of specific belief.  Reiki is a universal system of light.   It embraces doctrines and dogmas, as well as bringing a gentle light to the understanding of the mind, peace to your emotions, and an ecstasy to the spiritual nature.   It is built to transcend the belief system and cannot be contained by linear thought information systems.  It is like setting boundaries on the air outside.  Through continuing use it will help open wider vistas and understanding in a loving and gentle way.


Reiki in not a religion, cult, or belief system. It is light, the same light described in all the religions of the world.  There is no conflict between Reiki and your belief system.  Itís like breathing air or your heart beating.  It has no impact on beliefs.  It allows you to cut through many of the veils that hide the true meanings of religion.  It allows you to discover the essence and truth upon which religion is founded. 


Reiki is not the laying-on-of-hands.  While it may be viewed as such, it is not.  The first level does resemble the laying-on-of-hands but it is vastly different in content.  It is an accurate way of directing pure light energy from dimensions beyond our consciousness and limitations.  It operates beyond the level of mistakes and errors. 


Reiki is not a form of mind control or hypnosis. While consistent use of Reiki leads to greater control of the mind and its faculties, the reverse is not necessarily true.  Reiki is far beyond hypnosis and mind control.   It transcends all levels of being, whereas hypnosis addresses primarily the lower functions of the mind.  Guided meditation and visualization can be very helpful during a Reiki treatment and if properly used it may enhance the healing and relaxation process: however it is the vital life energy that is ultimately doing the healing.  The greatest physicians know that they only set the ďstageĒ, the actual healing takes place by a far, far greater power and intelligence.


Reiki is not imagination or wishful thinking.  While they are wonderful ways of creating the environment and assisting in the healing process, they do not always have the consistency or power to heal all part of  an individual.  If your imagination alone was powerful enough, healing would be far more prevalent.  When you feel less than optimum physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, you usually are not in a position to imagine or feel perfect with great power.  If Reiki were conditional on your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual state, it would be least available at the times you need it most.  Remember, when you are ill, tired, or stressed, your imagination often falters,  Reiki does not.  It is always available for use.


Reiki is not only for healing or when you are ill.  Reiki  helps to redefine your ideals about health.  We begin to think and become more wholistic or complete.  We recognize what affects a part also affects the whole.  By not living your life to its most optimum, if everyday is not the best day of your life, if situations and life seem to control you, then some part of your life requires healing.  Remember healing is wonderful but health is much, much, better.  If you find that you are in need of healing, then this becomes a priority and should be dealt with.  Reiki brings with it order, Light, and Optimum balance.  It helps to maintain a high level of wellness by working with the whole of you, not just a part.   It helps to raise the vibrationary level of our bodies and as it does we begin to ascend to a higher plane of being.  As we reach these higher planes, we begin to realize that there are no accidents.  Things happen under conscious control whether we are aware or believe it or not.  Reiki is like a gyroscope when used consistently, every day, and even in our sleep.  It helps to keep our world in a dynamic balance on all levels.  Balance, Order, and Harmony are the master keys.


Reiki is not limited to a select few.  Like air and sunlight, reiki belongs to all, it is a natural light energy and all have it.  The attunement in Reiki is what makes a difference.  Without the attunement we have only a small pipeline to the energy, with it we open the pipeline and allow it to flow more freely into our lives.  The bigger the pipe, the larger the flow.  You are able to receive more of the light energy, utilize more, and appreciate the endless, ceaseless flow of this energizing and vital light.  Everyone chooses or determines the quality of their life in this universal order, first by thought and feeling, then by action.       


Reiki is not interpretive in nature.  Though each of us see the universe through our own perceptions and interpretations.  There is always an underlying aspect of Truth beyond what we see or feel and are unable to grasp.  Nature moves through the cycles of the seasons, but yet each season, each day is unique unto itself.  Thousands of people can look at a rainbow, a work of art, a symphony, or view and see the same thing as well as something different, due to their own individual natures.  The rainbow, art, symphony, and view may remain the same but the individual changes his or her perceptions of what is happening.  This too is energy.  It has always been and ever will be, and on this civilizations have been built, on our world as well as others in this unending universe.


Reiki is not a psychic surgery technique.  These are techniques used to draw or pull out and sever.  This is not necessary with Reiki, it by itself is effective in releasing blocked energy in a safe and natural way.


Reiki is not a massage technique.  While massage is an ancient and powerful art it is different from Reiki and does produce excellent results when used by a trained Practioner. Reiki Practioner are advised not to use massage technique unless trained to do so.  This is in regards to liability issues.


Reiki is not dependent upon a certain state of mind.  The flow of energy is universal and transcends the limitations of self, ego, or mental and emotional aspects of an individual.  It is always available to be activated by persons who have received the First or Second Degree attunements from a qualified Reiki Master/ Teacher.  It is also not taught by just anyone as is the case with many other types of knowledge.  You should be taught by a fully Certified Reiki Master Teacher.  They can properly activate this energy through the attunement process.  It is also not dependent on just one organization to teach it.  While there has been controversy concerning the teachings of some organizations, Hawayo Takata taught and initiated many Reiki Masters and passed on the information as to the lineage and nature of Reiki.  Reiki is a sacred trust and science that promotes health, honor, dignity, and respect for life.   Ego, unethical conduct, exclusivity, and derogatory remarks have nothing to do with the purity and integrity of the Reiki System.  While many people can be trained in the  specific techniques of Reiki and Attunement, only the presence of the Divine, in the Divine self of the Reiki Master candidate, can create a Reiki Master.  Most Reiki Masters are but apprentices in the use of the Universal Light Energy.  There is a far greater presence in this universe than our limited perceptions can currently comprehend.  When we achieve true mastery, this plane of existence will be mastered and transcended